Feminized vs Regular Cannabis Seeds Pros and Cons

Feminized vs Regular Cannabis Seeds Pros and Cons

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Feminized vs. Regular Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to growing cannabis, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to use feminized or regular seeds.
Both types of seeds have their own unique characteristics and benefits, so it’s important to understand the differences between them before making a decision.
In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between feminized and regular cannabis seeds, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Feminized vs. regular cannabis seeds

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that have been genetically modified to produce only female plants.
This is important because only female cannabis plants produce the resinous buds that are used for consumption.
Feminized seeds are created by exposing female plants to a stressor such as light or temperature changes, which causes them to produce male flowers.
These male flowers contain pollen that can be used to fertilize other female plants, resulting in seeds that are almost guaranteed to produce female plants.

What are regular cannabis seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that have not been genetically modified and have an equal chance of producing either male or female plants.
This means that if you plant regular seeds, you’ll need to sex the plants to determine which ones are male and which ones are female.
This can be time-consuming and requires a level of expertise to ensure that you don’t accidentally pollinate your female plants with male pollen, which would result in seeded buds that are less desirable for consumption.Feminized vs. regular cannabis seeds

Pros and Cons of Feminized Seeds

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Feminized seeds offer a higher chance of producing female plants, which means you’ll have a higher yield of resinous buds for consumption.
They can save time and effort because you won’t have to sex your plants to determine their gender.
They can be easier to grow for beginners because they eliminate the need for sexing and the risk of accidental pollination.


Feminized seeds can be more expensive than regular seeds due to the added effort and technology required to produce them.
They can be less genetically diverse than regular seeds because they are produced by stressing a single female plant.
There is a slight chance of hermaphroditism (the development of both male and female flowers) due to the genetic modification process.

Regular seeds

Pros and Cons of Regular Seeds


Regular seeds offer more genetic diversity than feminized seeds, which can lead to more unique and interesting strains.
They are often less expensive than feminized seeds.
They offer the potential for breeding and creating your own strains.


Regular seeds require sexing, which can be time-consuming and requires a level of expertise to avoid accidental pollination.
There is a 50% chance of producing male plants, which can be a waste of time and resources if you’re growing for consumption.
They can be more challenging to grow for beginners due to the need for sexing and the risk of accidental pollination.

So, which one should you choose?

Ultimately, the choice between feminized and regular seeds comes down to your personal preferences and goals as a grower.
If you’re looking for a higher yield of resinous buds and a more straightforward growing process, feminized seeds may be the better choice.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for more genetic diversity and the potential for breeding your own strains, regular seeds may be the better choice.
Whatever you choose, be sure to choose high-quality seeds from a reputable supplier to ensure the best possible results.

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